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Contractors planting deciduous trees at Worston Farm on behalf of the Woodland Trust Photograph: Paul Glendell/Alamy Tree-planting in south Devon on behalf of the Woodland Trust. Photograph: Paul Glendell/Alamy First published on Tue 10 Aug 2021 09.04 EDT It can feel a little futile to be rinsing plates and fiddling with metal straws while the world literally burns . Most of us are everyday citizens, rather than global decision-makers, and making small changes while governments continue to invest in fossil fuels and delay making policy changes that would reduce emissions can feel … not enough. However, there are plenty of impactful things individuals can do to help tackle the crisis. This seems obvious, and sometimes futile depending on which constituency you are in, but MPs really do read their postbag and if they are inundated on a certain issue, they usually do something to assuage the concerns of their constituents. There are some great template letters online from various campaign groups, or you could simply write to support local green schemes such as Low Traffic Neighbourhoods or find national policies or votes you wish them to support in parliament. Here is a good template from the Soil Association, and another from Hope for discover here The Future. It’s always good to add a personal touch so the MP isn’t drowned with hundreds of identical letters. Get your neighbours to write, as well. While turning local verges into wildflower patches or digging one pond seems like a tiny effort in the grand scheme of things, every space for nature counts. Work with neighbours to make sure there are pollinator-friendly plants in your area, and lobby the council to mow verges less. Some people have managed to club together to purchase little patches of land in their local authority, to grow orchards or dig ponds. The Orchard Project is doing great work in urban areas, bringing back trees which are crucial for nature and wellbeing. The Million Ponds Project is another good place to start – they may be able to help you bring a pond to your community. Ponds bring so much wildlife to a local area, I personally love going to see the bats diving to drink from my local pond at dusk. Some of us have more amenable bosses than others, but a huge amount of energy and resources is wasted in most offices. The World Wildlife Foundation recommends lobbying your office to switch to a renewable energy firm for heating and electricity. It is also a good idea to check who suppliers for the workplace are. Ethical Consumer Magazine rates companies on additional reading their “ethiscore” – an assessment of policies and actions towards people, politics, the environment and animals, looking at issues such as workers’ rights, fossil fuel investment and pollution. If businesses lose contracts because of their attitude to the climate crisis, they may start to rethink.

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photo (MADISON HARDY/Press) RATHDRUM — Traffic through Rathdrum is climbing, and without any future improvement plans, officials are taking a different approach — directing drivers away from the city center.  Growth on the Rathdrum Prairie and within the Highway 41 corridor is projected to increase traffic volumes 64% by 2035, According to the Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization. Despite this, no projects have been planned within the city to accommodate impending transportation demands, Rathdrum City Administrator Leon Duce said.  Instead, Duce said, officials are looking at diverting through-traffic away from the area through added road signs on Highway 41.  "We're going to try and encourage a lot of people to turn off on Lancaster so that they can get where they need to go without affecting traffic," Duce said. "Other routes exist. People just don't know about them."   There are arguably three main congestion areas in Rathdrum: Highway 41, Highway 53 and the BNSF rail tracks. By taking a beeline on Lancaster, drivers can reach U.S. 95 and connect to Highway 53 through Greensferry Road — avoiding all three obstacles, Duce said. "A lot of the traffic coming through Rathdrum is not necessarily Rathdrum traffic, but traffic from the two highways that go right through town," Duce said.  Many drivers face all three congested areas when traveling through Rathdrum by heading north on Highway 41 and crossing the tracks at Mill Street to connect to Highway 53.  On paper, it sounds quick and easy, but the frequency of trains — as Rathdrum residents know all too well — can contribute tremendously to commute times.  "Trains come through here regularly," Duce said. "Probably two to three trains per hour."  The BNSF railroad cuts right through Mill Street to the refueling station a couple of miles west. When the rail crossing signal is activated, Duce estimates two cars could fit across the divide and connect to Highway 53 — which has caused safety concerns for travelers.  "A lot of accidents happen when people are not paying attention or get backed up on the tracks," he said. "Probably four years ago, a camper on the back of a truck stopped, and the trailer was on the edge of the tracks. A train came by and took off the back of the trailer."  Idaho Transportation Department and Rathdrum officials discussed possible projects nearly two decades ago to diminish railroad impacts at Mill Street, ITD spokeswoman Megan Jahns said. The concept was part of the "Bridging the Valley" initiative — a multiagency effort in the early 2000s to eliminate all at-grade crossings from Spokane to Athol. At-grade crossings are railroads and highways running at the same ground level, said Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization Executive Director Glenn Miles. "Agencies like removing at-grade railroad crossings. The chance of trains hitting someone, which is a pretty traumatic event, decreases substantially," Miles said. "It takes about 2 miles for someone driving a train to stop, and on that stretch of highway, they are probably doing 40 or 50 miles per hour. It's not easy to stop a train when someone jumps the tracks."  As part of the "Bridging the Valley" initiative, Jahns said Mill Street would have closed and a new underpass near Latah Street would have connected the north and south sides of Rathdrum.  However, the project never came to fruition. Duce said the project failed because of environmental and financial issues.  "The city back then decided it wasn't feasible to do the project," Duce said. "At the same time, plans to put an overpass over the railroad tracks by Lakeland High School were considered and done instead."  Today, that overpass exists at the intersection of two highways — 41 and 53 — and is "a major point of traffic" in Rathdrum, Duce said.  Jahns said several projects are planned to improve 53, including one scheduled to begin next year to expand the highway to three lanes and add a center turn lane.