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Republican attempts to continue questioning the results of the 2020 presidential election faced another setback in Michigan on Wednesday after the Bureau of Elections declined a county commission's request to conduct an audit prompted by false conspiracy theories that votes were manipulated.  The Cheboygan County Board of Commissioners approved  the request June 22. The commission sought the bureau's permission to investigate whether the county's voting machines were connected with "any unauthorized computer" that changed the results of the presidential election. In an Aug. 4 letter denying the request, Director of Elections Jonathan Brater told the commission's chair, John Wallace, that the commissioners lacked the authority under state law to conduct or supervise post-election audits. Michigan election law only allows the Secretary of State and county clerks to carry out election audits, Brater wrote. Wallace said he was not dismayed by Brater's response. "I'm not disappointed and I think he's following the statutes," he told the Free Press. In his letter, Brater said there remain available avenues for additional reviews of the Nov. 3 election. Cheboygan County Clerk Karen Brewster could examine voting equipment, though Brater said such a review was unnecessary and would likely impose costs on the county. "In light of these costs and the lack of any actual evidence that voting systems have been compromised, the Bureau would not instruct or advise the County Clerk to conduct any additional review," Brater wrote.  Brater laid out another option: submitting a Freedom of Information Act request to view voted ballots. "Through this process, it would be possible for any member of the public to compare the votes on viewed paper ballots to the totals on tabulator tapes (which are also public records that may be inspected), canvass records and reported totals to verify the numbers matched," Brater wrote.  Former President Donald Trump has increasingly focused on mobilizing his supporters to push for so-called "forensic audits" of the election as part of his relentless disinformation campaign claiming the election was stolen from him.  The Free Press, election officials and state lawmakers have repeatedly debunked claims that tabulators were connected to the internet and switched votes. A  comprehensive series of post-election audits conducted across Michigan affirmed the Nov. 3 election results are accurate and voting machines counted ballots properly.  More: Michigan completes most comprehensive post-election audit in state history: What it showed Prior to seeking approval from the Bureau of Elections for an audit, Brater sent a letter to Brewster stating that no third parties other than federally accredited voting system test laboratories should be granted access to the county's voting equipment. The commission's letter to Brater stated that the commission would hire an accredited auditor if granted approval to conduct the audit.  The bureau has not received requests for an audit from other county commissions in Michigan, according to Tracy Wimmer, a spokesperson for the secretary of state's office.  A similar push in Antrim County failed when its Board of Commissioners rejected a motion for a "forensic audit" of the Nov. 3 election. Ahead of the commission's vote, the Bureau of Elections sent a letter to Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy stating that the commission lacks the authority to require an audit of records or equipment maintained by Guy or municipal clerks in Antrim County.  Pro-Trump activists across Michigan have pushed for additional audits of the I thought about this election, pointing to the one in Arizona's Maricopa County — widely seen as illegitimate by election experts and officials — as a model. Cyber Ninjas , whose CEO peddled election conspiracies , has undertaken the examination of ballots and voting machines described by the county's top Republican official as a "grift disguised as an audit."  Top Republican lawmakers in Michigan don't appear to have much interest in undertaking a similar review in Michigan.  Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, has vehemently defended an exhaustive report debunking election conspiracies and misinformation that was  adopted by the Republican members of the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee. House Speaker Jason Wentworth, R-Farwell, said lawmakers in the House have prioritized legislation billed by Republicans as a way to bolster election integrity. Moving the legislation through the House "is where our focus will stay," he said in a statement to the Free Press.  Some Republican lawmakers, however, are pushing for another audit of the Nov.

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Ethan Williams, top, as  Mercutio, Sandra Seoane-Serí, left, as Benvolio, and Alan Kuang as Tybalt in "Romeo & Juliet." (Courtesy Danielle Fauteux Jacques) With lines alternating between English and Spanish, members of the creative team said that they wanted to make the performance accessible to a diverse audience, so that it could be understood in multiple languages. The production will be performed on Saturdays, Aug. 14, 21, and 28. “We are located in Chelsea Square in a beautiful old building, which really lends itself to staging some of the play,” said director Danielle Fauteux Jacques. “We’re using the second floor for the balcony scene. We have some ground floor storefronts with big, glass windows, where we’re staging some of the interior scenes.” Mikhail Yarovoy plays Romeo and Emma Laird plays Juliet in Apollinaire Theatre Company's bilingual production. (Courtesy Danielle Fauteux Jacques) The production will be preceded by an almost two-hour long pre-show, which includes a concert happening onstage and a variety of acts happening in the park itself and in the fountain area. Elements include the singing of boleros and a clowning performance. Audience members will also be welcome to have dinner in the theater’s beer garden, featuring BearMoose Brewery, or have take-out from some of the restaurants nearby. Part of the intention in staging the show live in the streets was to create compelling, public art that would bring both local and out-of-town people together, said Jacques. One reason Jacques picked “Romeo & Juliet” to be performed is because it is a well-known story; people know the plot and major characters, making it easier for them to interpret a play told in two different languages. "Chelsea is a super bilingual community,” she added. “In the past, we’ve done shows with one night in English and one night in Spanish, in the park…We wanted to invite everyone and have everybody in Chelsea feel like they could come, that they could understand the show.  We really worked on the adaptation with an eye to keeping it very comprehensible in both languages.” Carla Mirabal Rodríguez, one of the assistant directors, worked on adapting the translation from what was available in the public domain. Her intention was to preserve the poetry and beauty of Shakespeare’s language, while putting together the script. The characters are bilingual and shift from speaking the two languages throughout the play; they were not intended to have a specific, ethnic identity making them different from each other. “I do think that [the language choices] felt purposeful to me in that it ensures the vision that we want to portray is that these families are more alike than they are different,” said Mirabal Rodríguez. “Isn’t that how rivalries usually go?” A Reading List On Race For Allies Who Want To Do Better Emma Laird, who plays Juliet, said that one aspect of the creative process that she found rewarding was the feeling of connection. Having spent so much time living under the constraints of the coronavirus, arriving at the story through communion with other artists and working intimately with collaborators was a powerful experience. Laird said that she did not want to replicate anyone else’s Juliet but brought herself to the role, exploring the character’s vivacious nature and journey. She had never spoken Spanish before but worked with a dialect coach for the show, which gave her a textural, visual understanding of the language. “We developed a storyline that insists that Juliet had a little bit of a bilingual upbringing, with a father who didn’t speak Spanish and a mother who did speak more Spanish,” said Laird.